Sunday, November 24, 2019

Will Faulkner - Rose for Emily essays

Will Faulkner - Rose for Emily essays Reader Response for A Rose for Emily Inside the illustrious story by William Faulkner there is a tale of a lonely woman who is living out the better part of her life inside a cage. The setting is in a southern town which most likely aided to the problems she faces due to the views of the South. Emilys father is the type that did not approve of any contact from the men of the town so she was always being held back in the area of socialization so she started out in a bad situation of not being a part of the community. Her fathers logic being that he didnt see it as proper for her to be as the others her age. The father figure is still a important symbol in her life though. When he dies she doesnt even accept the fact that he is gone. Her father was basically the only real person in her life. She had relatives in Alabama but they were pushed away by her father over some land that was left behind by a eccentric aunt. The relatives in Alabama were all she had but the old wound inflicted by her father was not going to heal. To add to Emilys already depressed state the man that she was engaged to runs off and leaves her all alone. This was a final blow for Emily and this she could not recover from, so she barred herself from the outside world and isolated herself inside her house. The only man that her father must have approved of, ran out on her making this the possible breaking point for her. Especially when loosing the two most important people in her life near the same time. The only other person Emily saw on a regular basis was a black man, named Tobe, that brought her food an d helped out with the odd thing when she needed it. After these two events had passed the community attempts to reach out to her. When her father dies the women in the town try to comfort and help her but she is still in denial and she just will not let anyone into her life. ...

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